Reading the soil

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Join us to discover the properties of the soil. Understand the foundation of the garden and the strata of all earth.

The skin of the Earth; a mixture of weathered rock, once-living things now dead, things that are still alive, gases, minerals and water. Together the components of the soil support all life on Earth yet it is often overlooked and undervalued.

The first workshop in Garden Lab focuses on soil. We aim to better understand this ubiquitous brown unassuming substance and in doing so, appreciate its central role keeping us and nature alive.

The day will propose many traditional methods of recording the soils contents, properties and it’s role in the subsystem. Then we will seek to better understand it’s relation to ourselves and our context in the garden.

It is fertile yet fragile.
Abundant but under threat.
Essential to life, but undervalued as a resource.
These musings along with many others form the basis of ‘Reading the Soil’

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