Evaluating the shrubs

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Moving above ground we take a look at the shrubbery and herbaceous level of the garden, the flowers and plants that make this.

This layer is the skin that protects the soil. We will look at the plants in the shrub layer, their functions and folklore and learn some of their traditional uses. Once studied, specimens can be added to our ‘Herbarium’, a growing archive of plant pressings from the garden.

Open Garden Estate’s 3pm – 6pm

Open Garden Estates is a project by Architects for Social Housing (ASH), a group working to save London council estates under threat of demolition by Government housing policy, local authority estate regeneration programmes and property developers.

We are hosting an Open Garden Estates event at Old Tidemill to raise awareness about the campaign to save the garden and to have an open discussion about the impact of the development on existing residents, garden users and the wider public.

We are at the beginning of the planning process for this event, so if you have any ideas and would like to help organising this event then please get in touch.


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